Observing the Crew Manning Procedures – What’s really going on?

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    For every ship to sail safely and to manage daily operations efficiently, crew with talent and certified training is the crucial part.

    As a crew manning agency, we recognize this truth. We design our crew selection process carefully. Our team of experienced ex-captains, recruiters and interviewers thoroughly works through each step to ensure that the selected candidates are competent and meet the requirements from our clients.


    Let’s dig deep into our process.


    1. Receiving notice from clients for open jobs

    Through any channels available, the company or the operator confirm the demand of crew on board. The requirements or qualifications are to be submitted or posted in detail allowing candidates to view and apply.

    Even though there is no job opened, seafarers of any position can still post their CV on our system. We have a crew database in which we primarily source for potential candidates to supply to our clients.


    2. Screening and Selecting candidates

    We officially post the jobs from our clients on our job post section. It stays there available until we change its status to close. Anyone who sees the job posted can apply and submit their CV to be passed through our pre-screening. We also  source through our crew database.

    The pre-screening includes confirmation of the given information, reference checking, certificate checking. Then the candidates are invited to an interview session to evaluate their personalities and leadership skills.

    Finally, a list of qualified candidates is prepared and sent to be viewed by our clients. All persons on the list will be notified of the result of the clients’ final decision.


    3. Authentication of certificate and document

    Before boarding the ship, we check the validation of the required certificates and all other documents that are needed by our clients. A briefcase containing all necessary documents and information is prepared for each crew for use on the ship.

    An employment contract will be signed after approval. The crew will be informed of the contact details of the ship’s agent and operator in case of problems during the period of the contract.


    4. Departure to the ship

    We arrange all transportation for the crew to arrive at the appointed port on time. Instruction on date of departure, details of the shipment, and other necessary information, or any changes, is given to the crew.


    5. Keeping of the record

    All information is kept in our crew database for further use.

    • Crew application
    • The requirements from the company for the positions
    • Records and documents of crew
    • Indicated mediation agreement between Seamoor and the crew
    • Contract between the crew and the company


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