About Our Marine & Offshore Supply Service

We have a variety of products and services available to all types of ships and offshore works. All of which are carefully chosen by our experience mariners. This is to make sure that everything meets the needs of the people in the maritime industry and offshore operation. We ensure high quality and compliance with international standards.


We offer customised service solutions that will best fit your requirements. Our personnel are trained and have a deep understanding of the expectations of multinational offshore workforce.


Our food provision service promises the timely transportation of the supply. We have fresh, frozen, and dry provisions available. Our staff are experienced and network to the local market to deal for a reasonable price. All are stocked and packed neatly for its freshness upon arriving to you.


We provide a complete range of safety equipment to all types of vessels and offshore work stations. Our team of experts has checked and guaranteed that all equipment is approved and meets maritime standard


We provide parts and accessories for vessels. Our team is ready to dedicate their years of experience to assist you in finding the best solution at the price which saves your cost.


Seamoor Marine specialise in the supply of lifting and mooring equipment as well as offering associated services. 

We also provide testing, inspection, re-certificate, and analysis service. Any combination of these services and other related are available to meet your operational requirement.


We supply marine fuels and lubricants which meet your requirements at a reasonable price. Every marine fuel supply meets internationally approved standards.


Marine services and logistics involve a collection of works and operations which require specific and technical skills. 

At Seamoor Marine and Engineering, we position ourselves as a one-stop professional service provider. 

We have networked with local and international trusted companies to cover a wide range of services to offer the most cost-effective solution. 

Our commitment to a standard of excellence gives us focus on meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction. 

We are flexible to give a quick response to ensure all works done within a turnaround time.